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We've come along way from the days when a team of researchers in the 1950s investigated the urine of schizophrenic patients and noted a mauve spot on paper chromatograms (this later developed in a  mauve factor test).  Taking his cue from this research, Carl Pfeiffer would later develop a similar test for kryptopyrroles from which a treatment involves high doses of B6 and zinc would be successfully applied to patients that manifested depression and several others symptoms. Pfeiffer proposed that these included disperceptions, stretch marks, no dream recall, aversion to loud noise and bright light, pallor, poor dental enamel et al. Other researchers include social withdrawal , pessimism, anxiety, suspicion and low stress tolerance. Pfeiffer also researched the concepts of over and under methylation and offered various vitamin and mineral approaches to each of those conditions. Pfeiffer also did substantial research into mineral deficiencies and ratios including the ratio of copper to zinc which for pyrolurics is particularly pertinent. Generally speaking, pyrolurics tend to have a high copper to zinc ratio. But its not just Zinc. Other important vitamins, minerals, and oils are affected including B6 and Omega 6 GLA.


More recently, the new sciences that followed on from the unravelling the genome (including having access to methylation morphisms) have given us a great deal of information that Pfeiffer would have loved to have had at his fingertips. We now know that describing a patient as an over and under methylator based on histamine levels is too simplistic and fraught with the possibilities of incorrect treatment. There are a number of inter-related methylation cycles, each with several elements, and any of those elements could go askew. Sometimes mutations in the various elements compensate for other mutations. We also have a greater understanding of the role of specific minerals in our body's processes, how to better balance them, how vitamins and minerals inter-react and how all these imbalances affect areas such as thyroid, adrenals, gut, pancreas, kidneys etc. However, despite the advances made since Pfeiffer, addressing mineral imbalances and methylation issues are still certainly part of developing an individual protocol to address pyroluria. 


Researchers have suggested that pyroluria and mauve factor appear to be good bio-markers for oxidative stress. This seems rational given that the requirement for B6 and Zinc indicates oxidative stress. Oxidative stress can be the instigator of numerous conditions and responding to it would seem to be appropriate as part of any pyroluric protocol.


There are also researchers today suggesting that pyroluria might be an umbrella term for a quite a few subset conditions, each with a slightly different set of potential implications. Certainly our understanding of this condition is very much still in its infancy. 


It should be noted that a high copper/zinc ratio does not necessarily mean pyroluria and vice-versa. And just for the record, it is also possible to have high serum zinc and pyroluria.





A treatment for pyroluria involves several stages. 

Initially The Body Guard requires, at a bare minimum, a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) and the results of certain blood tests.

Treatment begins with an assessment of where your tissue mineral levels are via HTMA results juxtaposed against various blood test results. A protocol is planned with you which addresses any noted imbalances and concerns that have arisen. The protocol will involve both nutritional supplements and a dietary program. If the HTMA shows significant heavy metal toxicity, then the opening protocol will be initially skewed towards detoxing the heavy metals. It may be necessary to undertake a variety of other tests in order to develop your individualized biochemical treatment plan.

Your symptoms may also indicate other connected issues including:- inappropriately performing methylation (in which case a 23 and Me test would be recommended), gut overgrowths, permeability and beneficial bacteria imbalances (in which a stool analysis will be required), thyroid irregularities (further blood tests) etc. 

Important Points

There is no magic pill. 

Treatment takes time. 

If your body is predisiposed towards pyroluria,  you may also be on supplementation for a long time. However, after an initial intensive phase, dosages should be reduced significantly as the pyroluria is addressed and then managed with low dose supplementation long term.

Ongoing coaching is provided.

If you feel you have pyroluria, or would simply like to feel better, contact The Body Guard 07 31512183 or 0421 379615 to make an appointment.

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