As I approach the start of my 7th decade on this planet, I have become more interested in passing my skills and experience onto a younger generation through mentoring.

There are many mentoring programs for young naturopaths and nutritionists who come out of college and suddenly realize that they are ill-equiped for many of the challenges that face them.

I am confident that all the mentors recognize that the process of mentoring is about opening doors - to resources, to techniques, to experience and to success. Its about enabling you to develop your practice and clinical abilities to a high level. And its also about encouraging you to develop the know-how to find solutions yourself rather than simply being given the answers.

But for me, mentoring is about guiding and supporting you, as an individual, to develop skills to find your own way in business and clinical practice, a way that’s authentically yours, rather than follow a typical cookie-cutter template.

This is why my approach to mentoring is essentially one-on-one.  All my patients are treated as individuals with individual requirements and unique challenges - and so are my mentorees.

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