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Imagine being able to have a full and busy life without feeling the negative affects of stress. The Stress Less online mentoring will help support you with simple practical strategies that will help you be able to live a full and health life.

Each month you will receive an email focusing on one element of the Stress Less online mentoring program.  You will keep receiving email lessons for as long as you want to continue with the program.  All you need to do is read the email and make a commitment to integrate the lessons provided into your life.  You don't have to necessarily "give up" anything (especially the fun stuff). The Stress Less Online Mentoring Program will give you strategies to reduce the stress now and begin to develop a healthier perspective on life.


Every month you’ll discover…

  • short easy techniques to manage stress in your busy day
  • how to improve your mood
  • improved quality of sleep
  • how to relieve symptoms of stress
  • food and supplements that reduce stress and optimise your health
  • how to avoid internal and external stressors
  • how to develop quality relaxation skills
  • how to take care of your body effectively
  • (without giving up the good things in life)

The Body Guard provides many free suggestions on how to reduce stress.

You may want to consider supplementing your Stress Less Online Mentoring program with an individual health consultation. A complete personalised stress reduction program can be designed for you and your individual circumstances taking into consideration your body, lifestyle, health objectives, health issues and capabilities, personal tolerances, allergies, medications, age and other circumstances. Click here for more information about individual health consultations.


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