Skin Care

with The Body Guard - Christine Barnes


Improve Skin Quality 


The skin is our largest organ, and it’s the one we can see. The skin can also reveal issues concerning the health of other organs.



In this workshop, Christine Barnes of The Body Guard outlines nutritional programmes to improve skin quality, and how to counteract the negative impacts of drinking, smoking, fried foods and pollution.






Christine Barnes also discusses and demonstrates the benefits of breathing and relaxation techniques. In addition attendees learn how to assess retail cosmetics and make wise purchases, as well as make their own personalised natural skin care products.




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Tel: 0421 379615, 07 31512183




Workshops:    $120 per person per workshop




The Body Guard with Christine Barnes

Naturopathy, Nutrition, Wellness, Yoga and Meditation

Noosa Heads, Qld, Australia

Ph: 0421 379615, 07 31512183




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