Private Yoga and Meditation Instruction


Yoga and Meditation teacher, Noosa based Christine Barnes
Each private yoga and meditation session at The Body Guard Clinic in Noosa Heads is designed specifically for your individual physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs and goals. All levels of yoga practice are accepted from beginners through to advanced practitioners.
In her private health consultations, Christine also prescribes yoga, breathing and meditation techniques where applicable.
Yoga and Meditation Background
Christine Barnes is a practitioner of Advanced Kriya Yoga having studied advanced Kriya yoga and advanced Kriya meditation at the Scandinavian School of Yoga and Meditation in Sweden.  
Her yogic career also includes studies at the Satyananda Yoga University in Bihar, India as well as qualifying as a yoga teacher after studies at the Satyananda Academy in Australia. Christine was also the founder and principal of the Australian School of Yoga and Meditation and has taught yoga for well over a decade.
Now principal of The Body Guard, Christine Barnes incorporates her knowledge of Yoga and Meditation techniques into a holistic natural health framework that also covers natural medicine, naturopathy, homoeopathy, wellness, food and lifestyle. As a result she offers private Yoga and Meditation consultations that cover not only the mechanics and approach of traditional teachings but also ways to quickly optimize the benefits  of yoga and meditation for beginners through to advanced practitioners.


                               Learn yoga and meditation with Noosa based Christine BarnesLearn Yoga and Meditation with Noosa based Christine Barnes

For more information about how private yoga instruction can help your mind body and spirit contact us via email, text or phone: 0421 379615, or 07 31512183



Christine Barnes is also available as a guest lecturer for Yoga and Meditation Classes at YOUR yoga and meditation school or workplace. Contact Christine today to find out how yoga can help you achieve your goals.


Private Yoga and Meditation instruction - by appointment

1 hour $120


Meditation Instruction for Conferences

1-10 participants $200 (1 hour)

11-20 participants $300 (1 hour)

For larger conference, please contact Christine 07-31512183.

Additional charges may apply if conference is based more than 15 minutes drive from Noosa Heads.



The Body Guard with Christine Barnes

Naturopathy, Nutrition, Wellness, Yoga and Meditation

Noosa Heads, Qld, Australia

Ph: 0421 379615, 07 31512183






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