Your Gut Is The Key


Happiness hormones are produced in the gut. By turning the key with simple healthful steps we open the door to increased happiness and wellbeing. 


In her 2013 talk, Christine points to the latest research which connects the performance of the stomach to a whole host of conditions which impact negatively on our mood, conditions that include depression, irritability, anxiety, and feeling stressed.  Christine engages her listeners in considering an organ rarely considered as a source of happiness. 


She outlines simple steps that can be taken to help the stomach perform at its best in order that we too can perform at our best - and feel happier at the same time. 


Christine also shows us how to look after our stomachs with nutrition that works, supplementation, exercises and easy-to-do life-style adjustments.  


The pursuit of happiness is a driver for not only the American constitution but perhaps for all us - and the key to achieving success in that pursuit may well lie in the stomach.


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Christine Barnes29 Jun 2013 9:09 AMThe Guts Of It.Although the stomach, intestines and rectum and many more organs are involved in digesting and absorbing everything we consume, we generally only ever think about how important they are when they start to misfire, causing heartburn, reflux, constipation, diarrhea, irritable bowel, or any number of symptoms that we can experience when we've neglected, challenged or abused these all important parts of our body.More...Christine BarnesThe Body
Christine Barnes5 Aug 2011 6:53 AMGreat improvements in my energy levels and overall well beingChristine has addressed my mood and sleep issues, weight problems and has helped me avoid surgeryMore...Christine BarnesThe Body