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When you've previously visited a health practitioner, have you ever felt as though you are on a conveyor belt, a part of a factory assembly line, just another number, and not treated as the special and individual person that you are? 


Did you feel that you needed more support from your practitioner to achieve your health goals? Were you made to wait in a room full of other patients with goodness knows what bugs and diseases around you? 


Was your appointment delayed because the practitioner couldn't keep up to schedule and had clearly too many commitments?  Did you feel rushed in your appointment? At the end of the consultation, did you feel as though you'd been listened to? 


After all that, were your concerns or issues resolved to your satisfaction?


Do you feel you need and deserve better treatment?



Achieve your unique health goals

Every person is an individual, and every person's response to a variety of symptoms is unique, as indeed is the response to treatment. An individual and personalised health regimen is the preferred way to go to achieve your health goals.


The Body Guard is committed to giving you great personalised care



Avoid consultant exhaustion and receive real health support

Consultation with Christine Barnes

With this in mind, Christine at The Body Guard undertakes a very limited number of patients  per week. This allows Christine sufficient time to review your case, undertake and keep up with the latest research on your behalf, carefully consider any specific supplements and medicine, and write you detailed and on-going progress reports. She also creates, tests and provides nutritionally-targetted recipes for patients.


Between consultations, Christine also offers a free 10 minute consultation, and free responses to short queries via text or email.  



In a nutshell, Christine is with you as you progress from where you are to where you want to be.



Why no receptionist ?

Private consultations with Christine BarnesThe Body Guard is about what is best for your health. The Body Guard does not invest in renting or owning commercial office space, employing receptionists, and buying unnecessary and expensive diagnostic tools and machines  - all of which might end up negatively affecting the patient via consultant exhaustion and stress (through financial overcommitment leading to too many patients) 


And we further don't invest in flashy advertising. We don't need to. Virtually all of our patients come to us by word of mouth. By keeping our costs down, we reduce the need to take on too many patients and offer you more time in our support of your health.





Your body and your case history will give Christine a great deal of information. Nearly all the information she needs is in the case history and in your tongue, skin, fingernails, ears, etc. But when she does need to undertake testing to make sure there's no guess work involved in your treatment, The Body Guard outsources all your blood, stool and other testing to experts in the pathology field. Again, this saves Christine the time to concentrate on what she does best, making you healthier. 




Practitioner - Heal Thyself

And equally important, the restriction on consultation numbers is a way that enables Christine to look after herself. After all, if practitioners can't look after themselves, how much confidence can you have in them as your own health adviser?


Christine practices what she preaches - a stress less lifestyle. With her restricted workload, and commitment to her own health protocol as well as yours, you can be assured that you are receiving the best in personalised care.



Contact Us

If you'd like personalised care for your health from Christine, phone 0421 379615, 07 31512183, or email




The Body Guard with Christine Barnes

Naturopathy, Nutrition, Wellness, Yoga and Meditation

Noosa Heads, Sunshine Coast, Qld, Australia

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