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My Mentor Programme 2018


First Mentoring Appointment

60 minutes = $165 (inc GST)

Ongoing Private Individual Consultations

30 minutes = $90 (inc GST)

60 minutes = $165 per hour (inc GST)

Annual Subscription

Pre-booked and prepaid.


  • 11 x 60 minute one on one appointments.
  • On-going Facebook support via the private My Mentor Facebook Page

All appointments must be completed with a 12 month period.

Annual Subscription Package Cost 

Paid up front = $1100 (including GST).


Paid in 12 easy monthly payments of $100 (Total of $1200 inc GST)

Please note that The Body Guard chooses to limit the number of mentorees at any given time to ensure each participant gains a maximum benefit from the program.

If you would like to book any of the above, please contact me at or phone 07-31512183 - or via Facebook.