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Green Ag

Not just fantastic turkeys, Green Ag also offers top quality chickens, beef, lamb, small goods, pet food etc. Green Ag products are made out of organically-fed animals raised on organically farmed pastures. The animals never suffer from stress and are cared for in a way that produces the very best tasting meat we have ever experienced in Australia.  

For a 10% discount on orders quote "body guard".

Juicing With Nadia

Home delivered organic fresh cold pressed vegetable juices Australia wide. Juice Cleanse program, Design your own, buy your own cold pressed juicer.


Tea Life

A wide selection of organic Australian teas. Use the discount code barnestea5 for a 5% discount.


Boneafide Chicken Broth Crisps Broth crisps/chips and frozen concentrated stock bombs. 10% off when using the code BodyGuard.




A Personalised Nutrition and Bespoke Meal Planning Service covering Northern NSW, Tweed Coast, and Gold Coast Qld.

A complete nutritional service with dietary plans designed by nutritionists according to your unique requirements and freshly prepared food delivered directly to your door. All food takes into account your existing medications, allergies/aversions, lifestyle constraints and is designed to successfully achieve your targeted health and lifestyle outcomes. 

To find more, visit and apply for referred membership status. Name "Christine Barnes" as your referring practitioner.


Mental Acuity and General Wellness Technology using Photobiomodulation. May assist in Alzheimers and dementia treatment with beneficial effects including enhanced cognition and memory retrieval. For 10% of all Vielight products, use the code BodyGuard. Visit


As a Couples Therapist and Sexologist Isiah has been helping women and couples deepen intimacy and ignite lasting desire for over a decade.
Isiah offers private sessions via Skype to women and couples anywhere in the world. 
Tel: 0424 363288 and mention The Body Guard