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How long is an appointment?

Your initial appointment is 60-90mins.

Follow-up and ongoing appointments between 15 and 60 minutes.

For more information about appointments and prices visit

How much will an appointment cost?

Your initial appointment is $300AUD.

This includes pre appointment analysis of your case lasting up to 5 hrs and the appointment itself.

It does not include any tests.

For more information about appointments and prices visit

I’m interstate. Do I have to travel to Noosa to have an appointment with you? If not, how can I have an appointment?

Appointments are available for patients Australia wide and are delivered via Skype and phone as well as face-to-face in the Noosa Clinic. You can have a mix of face-to-face and Skype appointments – your choice. But it is always lovely to be able to welcome you into the Noosa clinic if and when you are able to attend.

To book an appointment phone 07 31512183 or email or use the portal - clck here

Connect via our skype address

I’m in the United Kingdom.

Can you help me?

Yes and most other countries as well.

Appointments for UK patients are generally scheduled early morning due to the time difference between Australia and the UK. Appointments are done via skype.

Connect via our skype address:

I live in America, can I have a Skype appointment?

I’m sorry, insurance and professional association guidelines do not allow appointments with USA or Canadian citizens.

I live in New Zealand, are Skype appointments available?

Yes, via skype and you are also welcome in clinic if you would like to visit in person. the clinic skype address is


What languages are appointments available in?

I’m sorry, only English is available.

How do I book an appointment?

Feel free to phone - (61) 07 3151 2183 and we will walk you through the next steps.

Can I get supplements posted to me?

Yes, Australian and New Zealand patients have access to supplements via Australia Post Express delivery.

I’m on medication prescribed by my doctor. Do I have to stop these prior to my appointment?

It’s very important that you Do Not cease any medications prescribed by your Doctor.

Will I be able to get my health sorted in one appointment, or will I need to have regular appointments?

This depends on your diagnosis as well as how effective you are at introducing the recommended interventions. Generally we work step by step together, slowly introducing the changes at a pace that suits you. Initially that may require frequent appointments. In time, after coaching, you may find it easier to manage with longer spaced appointments.

Will I need to commit to regular appointments?


This is your choice. Once your health situation and diagnosis are defined and thoroughly investigated we can then look at what your needs are and how you would like to proceed.


Will I have to commit to spending a lot of money on numerous supplements or can I make do with dietary/lifestyle changes?

This depends on your health issues and test results. Everyone is different. Supplements, diet and lifestyle interventions commonly form part of a naturopathic prescription. In the majority of cases numerous supplements are required although changes in diet and lifestyle by themselves can yield substantial beneficial results.

I have paid for a lot of tests previously. Do I have to pay for them all over again or can you use my existing tests?

It’s a good idea to email/post all the test results that you have together with your initial form. After studying the information provided Christine will be able to confirm if any tests need to be updated or not. Where possible Christine will try and save you money and only test when needed.


Does the appointment cost include the cost of supplements?

No, supplements are invoiced separately if bought from The Body Guard. 

What do you do in the initial appointment?

Christine’s work on your health case begins much earlier than your initial appointment. Prior to your appointment Christine will invest time studying your test results and all the information you have provided about your health case. At your initial appointment she may have further questions in relation to the information you have provided. Christine will then provide her findings about your health situation and discuss treatment options using recommended nutritional supplements, food and lifestyle interventions.

Do you do appointments in the evening?

I’m sorry. Christine does not do appointments in the evenings. Saturday appointments are available once a month and are in great demand. If you would like a Saturday appointment, please ensure you book well in advance.

How much is a hair mineral test?

As of 2019, and with a referral from Christine, the initial hair tissue mineral test from InterClinical labs (HTMA) is $150AUD. For more information about mineral tests, visit

I have a previous mineral analysis. Can Christine analyze this and use it to help my treatment?

Yes, this is a good start. However, if the test is old and you have had some treatment after the test, another test may be needed. Christine will let you know if another test is required. Email your test graph with your initial form and other test results.  

I have received the hair tissue mineral analysis collection kit. How do I collect the hair?

Visit where you will discover detailed instructions on how to collect the sample of hair. Please ensure the hair has not been dyed at the root for 4 weeks

How long does it take to receive the results from my mineral test?

14 working days from the date the lab receives the sample. Test results are emailed to the clinic.

How long does it take to receive results for my gut test?

Gut tests vary in length of time it takes the lab to process. It varies from 21 working days from the date the lab receives the sample up to 8 weeks depending on the complexity and origin of the test ordered.

Is Christine registered with an association?

Yes, ANTA (Australian Natural Therapy Association)

Is my appointment covered by private health insurance?

Yes but subject to your private health fund and your level of insurance coverage etc. Speak to your provider for details on rebates. A receipt will be emailed to you after each payment so that eligible patients can make a claim.

Are appointments covered by Medicare?

Naturopathy (as of 2016 in Australia) does not attract the government rebate. However, where possible and applicable and at your request, Christine can provide a referral to your medical doctor for his consideration. Your doctor is able to provide a referral for tests that may be rebated via the govt Medicare system. This does not include functional tests such as tissue mineral analysis or comprehensive functional gut tests.

Can I pay for my initial appointment with my credit card?

Yes, payment is generally by credit card for all appointments and payment is made in advance.

I don’t like (or have) e-mail, can I have the initial form mailed to me?

Yes, you can phone (07 3151 2183) and let us know your mail address. We will proceed via phone and mail.

I’ve e-mailed my initial form and copies of my test results. I haven’t yet heard when my appointment is? What should I do?

Phone us asap. Your email may have not reached us. Phone (61) 07 3151 2183, we’ll sort it out and get you scheduled for an appointment time that suits.

I have digestive problems, is that something you can help me with?

Yes, after a detailed study of your health case, Christine will work in partnership with you to help resolve your digestive problems. The first step is to define exactly what the symptoms are and then investigate the underlying cause.

Will treatment involve changes to my diet?

It’s hard to say until Christine has investigated your health case and assessed if your current diet is suitable for your current state of health and symptoms. If there is evidence to suggest that your health would benefit from dietary changes, Christine will work with you step by step and ensure that your diet not only fits your nutritional needs, but also that you enjoy it.

I have a problem with my thyroid. Is that something you can help me with?

Yes. Christine regularly works with thyroid problems.

Do you work with Pyrrole disorder?

Yes. Christine has been at the forefront of treating this imbalance for many years. Her focus is to correct the underlying driver that is aggravating the over production of kryptopyrroles.


Can you help reduce anxiety in children?

Yes. We treat anxiety in Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD), depressed and anxious children as well as those suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) et al.



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