Depression can be caused by so many factors including genetic triggers, chronic illnesses, lifestyle changes, various nutritional deficiencies, inflammation of the digestive system, hormone imbalances, prolonged exposure to abuse or stress, grief, substance abuse, medication abuse, isolation etc. 




Sometimes you know you’re depressed – sometimes you don’t.  Typical signs of depression can include:- feelings of worthlessness and helplessness,  fatigue, irritability, thoughts of suicide or self harm, digestive problems including lack of appetite or overeating, sudden loss of weight, changes in sleep patterns,  difficulty concentrating or memory issues,  isolationism, disengagement with life, self-medication via alcohol and drugs etc to name just a few symptoms. Of course, many of these symptoms can also be caused by a number of other drivers other than depression.


There are also different types of depression as well as numerous ways of treating depression including nutritional, psychological and medical treatments.


How Can The Body Guard Help?


The Body Guard recommends an approach to treating depression that includes concurrent treatment with a psychologist in addition to your naturopath/nutritionist overseeing an individualized nutritive therapy protocol. Whilst a psychologist might introduce various talking therapies such as CBT or Mindfulness, a naturopath will be able to address imbalances in and under-functioning of neurotransmitters, gut, hormones, thyroid, mitochondria, minerals, toxicities, and the HPT axis, as well as investigate the implications of possible genetic morphisms, all of which might impact on feelings of depression. A targeted diet and increased ability to absorb nutrients can also have a significant impact on mood, and these are fundamental in forming a nutritive therapy protocol that works for you in reducing depression.


A Holistic Approach.


As a naturopath Christine takes a holistic approach to your health, she doesn't just treat the depression. Christine considers the whole body as a starting point for treatment - a treatment that may address simultaneously dietary inadequacies, gut absorption issues, mineral and vitamin rebalancing, hormonal adjustments etc. She also finds it vital to check for, and respond to, heavy metal toxicities and gut overgrowths.  As an expert in wellness, Christine also advises on possible lifestyle adjustments that might be contributing to your health issues. There are also self-help techniques that Christine may suggest in order to help target your treatment protocol. These might include numerous breathing and relaxing techniques that have been used for thousands of years that can assist in the treatment of depression.  Targeted breathing may be selected to be included in your protocol.

Most importantly, The Body Guard Clinic strives to introduce ways of reducing the immediate impact of the current experience of depression by introducing medical herbalism and orthomolecular interventions for short-term relief as an alternative to medications. However if you have already been prescribed a pharmaceuticals for your depression, our integrative approach will help optimize the effect of the pharmaceuticals as well as minimize any potential side effects.


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For immediate support for depression, phone Beyond Blue 1300 224636 or Lifeline 131114.

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