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Cancer is an emotive word. Despite advances in many different forms of biomedicine treatment, cancer is still regarded as a "death sentence" by many members of the community. Others still see it in moral overtones as the inevitable conclusion of poor lifestyle (over exposure to stress, cigarettes etc) or poor choices of nutrition. Whilst acknowledging there are lifestyle and environmental risk factors even for healthy individuals, the fact is cancer can also strike at those who are otherwise extremely healthy and fit. And although we can reduce the lifestyle risk factors of engaging with cancer, there is no guarantee that the big C will never come knocking on the door.


As part of your cancer support team, Christine and The Body Guard (Noosa Heads, Qld) will help to guide you through ways of tackling the issues that arise when dealing with cancer. These may include:-

Preparing your body for an operation

Post-operative care and speedy recovery

Preparing for and recovering from chemo and radio-therapy

Targetted nutrition and supplements 

De-stress techniques that really work

Coaching through the issues that arises with a cancer diagnosis

Referral to international cancer clinics and specialists


Christine has first-hand knowledge of cancer. She has cared for her mother and best friend for many years (both continue to live well with breast cancer a decade after the diagnosis, surgery and chemo), as well as treating herself through her own experience with bowel cancer.


"A diagnosis of cancer is initially a huge shock, although in my case it was as much a relief in that I then knew what I was dealing with. For me, cancer is a constant reminder to look after my body, mind, and spirit the best that I can, and to live life to the fullest. I use all my acquired knowledge of the natural tools I have to keep myself free from re-occurence - tools such as nutrition, naturopathy, herbal medicine, yoga and meditation, and wellness support"



For certain cancers, some oncologists recognise a naturopathic approach as being the best way forward. And the benefits of meditation for cancer patients have been scientifically proven for many years.  For Christine, diet is also a very big issue.


"One of the major issues in supporting clients with cancer is dealing with how the gut absorbs nutrition, and ensuring that clients give the gut the best chance of helping the body fight cancer through developing a strong immune system"


If you have cancer, or have just been diagnosed with cancer, call Christine to discuss possible ways forward and how she can integrate a natural supportive approach into your overall treatment.  


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