Winter is coming

24 Apr 2018 3:58 PMChristine Barnes Winter is coming



Flu and colds will be upon us soon. We all know not least because we’re being inundated with warnings to get our flu vaccines.

But there are additional ways to give yourself the best chance of avoiding the nasties this coming winter.

I prefer to be prepped and ready from a naturopathic perspective rather than following the vaccine route for a number of reasons.

Everyone is or should be aware of standard suggestions such as stay well hydrated, eat well, avoid public transport (or wear a mask if you have to take the bus), stay away from unhealthy people, wash your hands regularly, practice healthy sleep hygiene principles, exercise lightly, and avoid smoking, drug abuse and drinking alcohol excessively.


I would add to the above:-

  • Avoid stress and anything that weakens your immune system
  • Ensure that your immunity/health is not challenged in anyway prior to the season. This includes resolving any bacterial overgrowths that might lead to respiratory issues and a compromised immunity.
  • Have on hand a winter First-Aid kit including a herbal cough medicine and a general anti-viral herbal formula. This is so you can access relief immediately if you do start to feel poorly.
  • Also obtain a Herbal Throat Spray for your pocket or handbag. Use in crowded environments as protection.
  • Enjoy life and don’t work too hard
  • Meditate regularly or daily.

Above all, if you do get flu despite all your best efforts, three final words of advice -


Apart from being negative to your own health, soldiering on is being completely irresponsible to everybody around you.That everybody could include people who are very immune compromised, the young, the elderly, people who may have difficulties in recovering from a contagious flu. In addition, presenteeism costs business in reduced productivity and profits; being sick at work helps nobody.

Make an appointment to discuss the most appropriate winter First-Aid kit that is right for you and you family. Please contact me on 07-31512183,


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