Prostate Cancer:Use a Naturopath?

12 Jun 2011 5:21 PMChristine Barnes

The same dietary and lifestyle factors that increase the risk of Prostate Cancer also increase the risk of heart disease and colon cancer. All three diseases can be greatly reduced with diet and lifestyle changes when individually prescribed by a qualified naturopath.

Naturopathic support includes diet, lifestyle and stress management, as well as education and coaching together with individually prescribed non toxic herbal medicine and practitioner-prescribed nutritives. By integrating a qualified accredited naturopath into a health practitioner team, prostate cancer remission time can be lengthened, and overall well-being and quality of life increased, by assisting to reduce the ability of cancer to grow and spread.


St Vincent's Prostate Cancer Centre found that patients who do worse than expected are commonly obese, don't exercise and/or continue to consume the wrong foods. However, patients who do better than expected make the necessary diet changes and exercise regularly.  St Vincent's found that by just making four basic changes, risk of death from all cancers (including prostate) as well as cardiovascular disease was reduced by two thirds! In addition, stress hastens the development and progression of prostate cancer as well as reduces the immune response against it.  St Vincent's recommends relaxation and meditation in order to manage stress.