On Leaving Carbohydrate City

21 Jun 2013 5:17 PMChristine Barnes

Although you might never be able to leave The Hotel California*, it is possible to leave Carbohydrate City - but it isn't easy!


You may be wanting to leave the world of refined and excess carbohydrates behind for a variety of reasons:-  lose fat, resolve gut issues, solve various health problems, address diabetes, feel more alive, enhance one's mood, or even body building! But the moment you make a decision to check out, you realize that Carb City has its tentacles well and truly around you, both internally and externally.  




You walk down the supermarket shelves. So much of the supermarket is dedicated to refined carbs containing  sugar, fructose, wheat, processed starch, with ingredients grown with the help of pesticides,hormones etc, preserved in plastics, bis-phenol et al, and full of unnecessary additives and numbers - basically stuff that is bad for your body, mind and environment. Aisles of soft drinks, chips and biscuits, cakes etc.  Even the supposed "health food" part of the store gives little respite. 




You watch the TV. The adverts show smiling happy families consuming incredible amounts of refined carbs and everybody is having a wonderful time.  You feel you're missing out and that the only way to be happy and have happy relationships is too consume carbs just like in the ads.



You go out with friends and you are surrounded by refined carbs.  A visit to a fast food restaurant relies on pizza, bread, burger buns, rice, pasta etc. An after work drink at the pub entails not only the carbohydrate in the drinks but also the cards in the snacks.  



You feel like the outsider because no-one else is throwing away the bun from the burger, or drinking water instead of alcohol, or eating grilled fish instead of pizza. Indeed, it may be very challenging to eat anything carb free where your friends love to hang out.




Initially, feelings of hostility may arise. You may find yourself resenting having to use your time creating food from fresh sources rather than taking out a convenience food. You may find yourself resenting having to spend more money on quality food than other people. You may find yourself resenting the fact that life isn't as easy for you as compared to when you weren't trying to leave the carbs behind. In fact, you may well be extremely angry that you're feeling this way.



And then there's the internal pain. Whilst trying to leave carb city, the body screams out  for the carbs it's used to. You feel angry and upset. You feel empty and hungry. You don't have access to those "comfort foods" anymore.  It takes every ounce of will power to say "no" to that bit of ice-cream, milk chocolate, bread, pizza, etc. Did you know your giving up a drug and you're having withdrawal symptoms.  You may feel that not only is the whole world against you, your body is fighting you too. Is there a conspiracy ? You start to doubt your motives. After all, when the rest of the world appears mad, does this mean that you're the one who is crazy ?


Yes, Carb City is calling and using every trick in its bag of nasty side-effects to bring you back into the fold.

But here's the good news. Once successfully past the first couple of weeks, it gets easier and easier. The body finds a new "norm" and stops screaming, the shopping regimen is less of an ordeal as you know what to look for, short cuts are found in time spent preparing meals,  friends get used to your new diet and become more accepting and may even start to join you. Your taste buds adjust and what you once enjoyed now seems over sweet or tasteless. You start to feel the benefits internally. You have more energy, feel lighter, look leaner, and experience greater levels of concentration.  You're able to handle stress and generally feel happier. You are more confident that you are on the right path towards a better state of health. The further you move from Carb City, the less you feel its tractor beams, and it feels good. Darn good! 



Yet, even when you've finally conquered the beast, you still have to be on guard. For behind every pizza slice, every piece of toast, every muffin, every glass of alcohol, every chip and crisp, every soft drink, every bar of milk chocolate, every biscuit, every piece of cake, there's a hook waiting to reel you back in. And if you listen close enough, you'll hear the hook from a song "Welcome back to the Carbohydrate City".*


The above blog article was written by a patient who was advised to change his diet.


If you want to rebalance your diet and reap the rewards of a reduction in refined carbs, its easier to do it with a partner, particularly a partner who knows what they're doing and who has already traveled that same journey. Call for an appointment with Christine at The Body Guard, tel: 0421 379615 or email  christine@thebodyguard.com.au



*Apologies: The Eagles.