Mindful Eating

9 May 2011 4:00 PMChristine Barnes

Try this simple exercise in mindfulness.



Try this simple exercise in mindfulness.  

Take a raisin, goji berri or other small piece of food and first look at it in great detail. Then smell it, (the first step in digestion) inhaling the rich aroma. Feel it's sticky wrinkled skin with your fingers and then place it in your mouth and experience it with your tongue and inner mouth.

Experience your salivary glands working. Now bite into it with your teeth. Experience the explosion of flavor. Chew very slowly until the raisin is reduced to liquid. Finally, swallowing what is left.

This is the experience of mindful eating which is a small act of meditation. Eating more mindfully can improve digestion, reduce rushed eating, overeating, poor food choices, continuing to eat when full, and taking food for granted.

Eating slowly, with attention and gratitude, is a great reminder of what we’re actually doing.