Digestion - What can help? Probiotic Supplement? Fermented Foods?

25 Jul 2011 11:11 AMChristine Barnes

Are you experiencing symptoms that may be caused from less than optimal digestion?



The type of Probiotic you use to treat gut flora dysbiosis is really important for symptom reduction and there are many options - so choosing the right one is important in order to not waste money.


There are many traditional foods & food preparations that can also add to positive gut function. Miso, Tempeh, tub set yogurt, Kaffir, Sauerkraut, Kim Chi and Apple Cider vinegar are just a few fermented foods that help support digestion. These are best for long term support of digestion and after treatment they are best used to maintain gut flora and function.  


If symptoms persist I recommend having a consultation with a Naturopath to investigate the source of your symptoms. An individuals digestive upset can be multi-factorial and it's best to leave it to a qualified, experienced practitioner to investigate the probably cause/s and point you in the right direction towards optimising your digestion. More information about consultations can be found here.


Regular practice of a relaxation technique has also been shown to improved digestion by increasing blood flow and gut motility. Read more about the benefits of relaxation and what it is here. Visit our Shop to find 12 minutes Express relaxation CDs.


Tell us about your experience with using a Probiotic as a supplement for treatment as well as foods and food preparations that have helped or hindered your digestion and overall level of wellness.