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Christine Barnes

ND, M.Well*(RMIT), Adv.Dip.Nat, Adv.Dip.HM, Adv.Dip.Nut, Adv.Dip. Hom,

Grad.Bihar Yoga Bharati University, India; Grad.Scandinavian School of Yoga, Sweden, Grad.Satyananda Yoga Academy

ATMS, ANTA, AIMA, CMPAS * = in progress

Natural Medicine, Yoga and Meditation, Workplace Wellness

Noosa Heads 0421 379615 www.thebodyguard.com.au


11 Jan 2018 3:40 PMChristine Barnes

Why Toy with the Thyroid?

11 Jan 2018 3:04 PMChristine Barnes

Mauve is the colour of my true love's hair...

28 Feb 2015 5:15 PMChristine Barnes

....or why I rarely use the Mauve Factor test.


Are You Ready For The Thing Called Change?

16 Jul 2013 1:55 PMChristine Barnes

While it may be very difficult to leave carbohydrates behind (see blog article "On Leaving Carbohydrate City"), it's often even harder to change a lifestyle and stick with it.

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The Guts Of It.

29 Jun 2013 9:09 AMChristine Barnes

Although the stomach, intestines and rectum and many more organs are involved in digesting and absorbing everything we consume, we generally only ever think about how important they are when they start to misfire, causing heartburn, reflux, constipation, diarrhea, irritable bowel, or any number of symptoms that we can experience when we've neglected, challenged or abused these all important parts of our body.

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