A new approach to Alzheimer’s?

23 Apr 2018 2:49 PMChristine Barnes A new approach to Alzheimer’s?

My mother has Alzheimer’s and vascular dementia.

She is not alone. My mother is one of over 400,00 people suffering from dementia of which the vast proportion have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. However, the fact that is so widespread is of no comfort for her or for the supporting family because there is no recognized cure (despite the claims of various no doubt well-intentioned authors). For the most part, just a gradual decline in memory and abilities over many many years despite the best in care.

The Long Goodbye is certainly a appropriate term to associate with the disease. Little by little I say goodbye to my mother - one day at a time. For my mother, it is confusing, frustrating, irritating, debilitating, and stressful. It is none the less stressful and wearing for carers, and particularly, for close members of the family like myself.  

Since the formal diagnosis, I have integrated naturopathy with the standard approaches of medicine. Many times I have been able to use naturopathy to bring my mother back from the depths of irrationality and setbacks following various illnesses and injuries. However, it has eventually become clear that if I wish to extend the time my mother has left in being able to live independently (albeit with additional support services), I need to add an additional element into her protocol.

With this in mind, I have decided to trial photoneuromodulation. The researchers from the VieLight company point out that mitochondria can convert photonic energy into a form of ATP - a type of energy useful for the body. It is claimed that photons can result in enhanced cellular oxygen supply and blood properties.  The company also points to research with positive result. All of this sounds great - but does will the technology work for my mother?

Over the next six months, I’m going to trial the Vielight Neuro Gamma and report back. For me, stabilization of the current level of symptomology will be a sign of success. Any improvements on mental faculty would go well beyond expectations.

If you have a relative with Alzheimers and would like to try this novel approach, click on to  https://vielight.com/.  There will be a 10% discount applied if you use the code BodyGuard when purchasing one of the company’s machines.



If you would like to introduce a naturopathic program to help reduce symptoms of Alzheimers, or even reduce the risk of Alzheimers, please contact me 07-31512183. 

Photo credit: Alzheimers Brain: Image courtesy of the National Institute on Aging/National Institutes of Health