Anxiety is something all of us experience at some point in our lives for its a normal response to stressful situations. However,  for 1 out of 7 Australians, it can be a major and often debilitating part of life.



There are many conditions that come under the anxiety umbrella from General Anxiety Disorder through to various phobias to conditions such as OCD, Social Anxiety and Panic Disorders. Anxiety is also a part of the experience of other lesser-known conditions such as Pyroluria.






How Can The Body Guard Help ?


The Body Guard Clinic specializes in treating anxiety and reducing stress via nutritional therapy and breathing techniques. We cover areas that include depression and general anxiety disorders as well as other mental health issues.  


The Body Guard recommends an approach to treating anxiety which includes concurrent treatment with a psychologist and also with a naturopath overseeing an individualized nutritive therapy protocol. Whilst psychologists are able to help anxiety sufferers reshape their thinking through treatments such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, the experience of anxiety commonly has a bio-chemical basis which is more appropriately treated by a clinician such as a naturopath and/or a nutritionist. Certainly, long-term exposure to anxiety can put the body under significant stress. This can cause further problems to the body which may cause further anxiety and thus create a vicious circle - a circle that needs to be broken in order to reduce the anxiety and move you closer towards a healthier emotional state.


Nutritional Therapy


Nutritional therapy has a significant history in the treatment of anxiety disorders. It has very few side affects, is not addictive and is a non-invasive therapy that can address in-born errors of metabolism in key neurobiological pathways, neurochemical synthesis, second messenger signalling and uptake of neurotransmitters.  Case studies have found multi component micronutrient treatment more effective than Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.


Targeted Yoga and Breathing Techniques



At the Body Guard Clinic, Christine also introduces a unique program of targeted yoga and breathing techniques to reduce your everyday experience of anxiety, and to also give you tools to cope with periods of intense anxiety.






A Holistic Treatment


As a naturopath Christine take a holistic approach to your health, she doesn't just treat the anxiety. Christine considers the whole body as a starting point for treatment - a treatment that may address simultaneously dietary inadequacies, gut absorption issues, mineral and vitamin rebalancing, hormonal adjustments etc. She also finds it vital to check for, and respond to, heavy metal toxicities and gut overgrowths.  As an expert in wellness, Christine also advises on possible lifestyle adjustments that might be contributing to your health issues. Most of all, The Body Guard Clinic tries to find ways of reducing the impact of the experience of anxiety, as well as reducing the resulting stress that impacts on the body and its systems.


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