Thank you Christine @ The Body Guard. The service you provide is of a true health practitioner. Arming us with information, resources and guidance to be our own empowered Body Guard! This is exactly what our world needs now. 

Meg Forrester CEO EVOHE Skincare


As a result of surgery, neck, back, stomach and long term use of medications I had developed some problems with well-being, Christine was able to use her vast knowledge in herbal medications, nutrition and meditation and her ability to integrate these products with medications to put me well on the way to feeling much better.. she has a great caring attitude and a persistence to diagnosing what ever the problem may be..

Owner InMODE PHOTOGRAPHY Sydney Australia

Christine's deep understanding of natural health methodologies is most impressive. I've had excellent consultations and treatments with Christine as my naturopath, herbalist, health coach and nutritionist. She has addressed my mood and sleep issues, weight problems and has helped me avoid surgery. 

These treatments together with her lifestyle recommendations have resulted in great improvements in my energy levels and overall well being. I highly recommend Christine and look forward to continue working with her in order to maintain optimal health.

Mark Keating, Coolum Beach

Christine engaged her audience from the outset and conducted not only a brilliant talk but involved the audience in an interactive capacity. Many favourable comments were made to me after the business breakfast on her presentation. Her visiting the venue prior to her appearance showed a great professionalism which was very helpful in gaining the right mix of humour and solid information on methods to alleviate stress which made her presentation so successful. I would recommend Christine to any business group or audience as a most engaging and knowledgeable presenter and I would be happy to add further to this testimonial at any time

John Hurd JP AIMM
Business Excellence Marketing and Events

Christine was a very engaging speaker, and also entertaining and knowledgeable in her area of expertise. We could all relate to the topics she covered but it was encouraging to know there is a professional available to assist and support us with a variety of alternatives regarding personal health issues,s nutritional knowledge and motivation. We look forward to having Christine speak in the future at our group events.

Julie West, Partner, Cummings West Accountants

I just wanted to express my gratitude for helping me to see that what I thought was a healthy diet was actually the cause of my health issues.

This has turned my life around. I no longer eat the same old things for convenience sake and actually think about what I am putting into my body.

John Schmidt


I believe that the reason I am still alive on this planet is because of Christine Barnes.
After so many years of putting down various symptoms as"just getting older, and ignoring signs from the body that all was not well, I finally had a major "cramp" that affected my entire torso and put me out of action for several minutes. Just a cramp, I thought. Christine saw straight away what the problem was by looking at my face and indicated how close I was to something really serious.  On following her advice, several  months later I'm now assured of decades of ahead of health ahead of me (er, subject to my continued compliance !!). The nightly leg cramps have disappeared, and so have the muscle tics, the swallowing problems,  over-production of mucus,  and what I thought was RSI of the wrist. And no more full torso cramps either.  And as an aside, my skin is much improved as well and the depression of many years duration has lifted.

Thank You is not enough.

Richard Porteous


I am writing to thank you for your help with my snoring problem. I have had a serious problem for some years now and nothing I tried seemed to work.

I have tried many supposed treaments that did not work and would often get a nudge in the ribs from my wife with the request to roll over and stop snoring. Often I would wake up to find myself alone in the bed as my wife, not being able to sleep with the noise of my snoring, had gone to the spare room to sleep.

I have tried all sorts of supposed anti snore remedies including natural herbal sprays. The only thing that has worked for me has been your treatment using a surgical tape over the mouth forcing me to breath properly during sleep. This coupled with proper breathing exercises and meditation has helped immensely and now I no longer snore as ofren or as intense and my wife has an uninterrupted nights sleep. Both of us awake refreshed of a morning.

I continue to practice your teachings and am improving all the time.

Thankyou for your support and caring attitude.

Yours Sincerely,

Ray McDougall  CMC JP, NSW Australia


Thank you very much for your kindness and for teaching me yoga while i was in Noosa. My mother in law Audrey is enjoying yoga with you.

Thank you for everything. Hope to see you again.

Sang Hee (Wilson), Noosa Heads. QLD Australia

Great Space
Thank you & Goodbye, I have taken some cards and will let people in Byron know about you.
All the best

Jessie Chapman Byron Bay, NSW, , Australia

Founder and principal yoga teacher of Radiance Yoga

Wellness Retreats held in Australia and Bali.

Author of;
• Radiance Yoga
• Yoga for Inner Strength
• Yoga postures to improve your mind, body, and spirit
• Sequences for your Body and Mind
• Partner Yoga


We just wanted to email you to say goodbye and thank you again for introducing us to the wonders of Yoga & Meditation. We have attended different classes nearer to where we live. None as good as yours, might add! Mostly we do yoga on our own at home and I feel very confident with this as a result of the thorough grounding that your teaching gave us. We will certainly return to your classes, so we shall see you again.

Thank you again for your help and support, you have helped us onto a better road. Good luck & take care.

Love Aimie & Rob 25yo, Entrepreneur,London UK


hank you for the wonderful yoga classes i have so enjoyed them - I look forward to coming back in a couple of months.

With warmest wishes

Jane Estate A gentLondon UK