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I get it.


I don't hide the fact that I've had cancer relatively early in life (as a result of poor genetic architecture in my physiology) and that I need to ensure there is no re-occurence of any form of cancer in the future. After all, with life expectancy for women heading towards the very late 80s, there's still a long way to go for myself. Certainly, once you have experienced cancer, or continue to fight it, there's no going back to those pre-cancer days - you will continue to live with cancer no matter how successful the treatment.



Yoga and Meditation as part of your cancer management treatment with Christine Barnes


And with that in mind, I have implemented an extensive naturopathic protocol for myself. Its about caring for my own body, and requires organisation and commitment. And, I will admit, its not cheap (at least, not in the initial recovery stages). But the alternative is taking a risk with a condition where a possible future outcome could cost a great deal more than money.


My own SO EASY protocol includes:-


Support, both emotional and physical.

Organic Diet (including juices and medicinal foods)



A stress-less lifestyle

Supplementation - significant amounts of nutritive and herbal naturopathic supplementation

Yoga and Meditation


Some of the elements of the protocol are easier than others. Perhaps the hardest is in realizing a stress less life-style  because this still usually requires so much interaction with a very stressed world and environment, and it often requires some very difficult changes and decisions which could impact upon family, friends, associates, life-style expectations, work, finances and living arrangements et al.


Each person responds differently to any particular type of cancer so an individual protocol is required for the best results. I certainly don't prescribe the specifics of my own protocol for anyone but myself (although many of the general thrusts are suitable for anyone). However, having had cancer myself, and actively continuing to prevent its re-occurence, does mean that I have a very close idea of how my cancer patients are feeling, and of the many hurdles that they face and need to overcome.


If you are seeking an approach for cancer management, check out my cancer page, and feel free to contact me to discuss and book an initial appointment.


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