Autism Spectrum Disorder


We live in an increasingly toxic world. Environmental toxins are everywhere, the food chain has been devastatingly compromised, the experience of stress and anxiety is everywhere , chronic illness is legion. 


There are also increasing diagnoses of autism and autistic spectrum within our community. Whilst some claim that the increase is due to a changing definition of autism over time, a supposed moving of the definition goalposts over time does not help hundreds of thousands of Australian parents dealing with the consequences right now. 



"<a href="">Autistic-sweetiepie-boy-with-ducksinarow</a>" by The original uploader was <a href="//" class="extiw" title="wikipedia:User:Andwhatsnext">Andwhatsnext</a> at <a href="//" class="extiw" title="wikipedia:">English Wikipedia</a> - Transferred from&nbsp;<span class="plainlinks"><a class="external text" href="">en.wikipedia</a></span>&nbsp;to Commons.. Licensed under <a href="" title="Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 &lt;p&gt;&lt;/p&gt;">CC BY-SA 3.0</a> via <a href="//">Wikimedia Commons</a>.The autism spectrum covers a very broad range of diagnoses and manifestations including autism, Aspergers, and non-specified developmental disorders and behaviours. ASD sufferers can be extra-ordinarily sensitive, have restricted behaviours with difficulties in coping with change as well as having difficulties with emotional expression, and have unusual body movements, as well as a wide variety of neurological symptoms that can be quite mild through to extreme.


How Can The Body Guard Help?


Many autistic children have significant gut problems, stressed adrenals,  toxic overload and compromised detoxification pathways. Without addressing these issues, the potential for success of interventions such as Applied Behaviour Analysis is substantially reduced.


A targeted diet with nutritional supplements that support liver, kidneys and adrenals  in addition to a program to detoxify heavy metal toxicity as well as other toxicities (e.g., glutamate and excitatory foods/additives) is a must for autism spectrum children.  The response to such interventions can be remarkably quick and can noticeably reduce symptomology.




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