The Body Guard treats Pyroluria in a different way to most other practitioners.


In our experience, patients previously diagnosed with Pyroluria usually come to us with further serious health issues in addition to Pyroluria.  As a result, we consider treating pyroluria by itself inappropriate.  

The Body Guard’s approach is therefore holistic – we consider your whole treatment needs, not just those relating to Pyroluria.


\We also see you first as an individual. The symptoms that you experience will be different to every other patient and will demand an individualistic approach as regards treatment. Therefore there are no Pyroluric Primers prescribed at The Body Guard. Your supplement needs are very different to those of every other patient - even though other patients may also have been previously diagnosed with Pyroluria.  Your individual supplement needs will also change as you recover – and those needs may change quite quickly.


We will initially require some basic tests, along with copies of any previous blood results/pathology that have been ordered by your doctor:-



1) A Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis is essential prior to the first appointment. This allows us to consider the possibility of heavy metal toxicity as well as mineral displacements and imbalances that might be contributing to your symptoms. 




2) The copper/zinc imbalances typical in Pyroluria often lead to gut overgrowths and parasites which impact on your mind and your experience of Pyroluria. As such a gut test may be needed to assess the damage and help formulate an effective healing response. 


3) Finally, we may eventually have to order a genetic test to examine your Methylation once we have applied tests 1) and 2).  We do not subscribe to the overly simplistic under/over methylator theories of yesteryear. Science has come a long way since then and we know that its easy to make mistakes based on those theories. As a result, we recommend 23&Me (and additional interpretative sites) as a cost-effective way of testing for a more comprehensive picture of your Methylation risk-profile. Please note that genetic interpretation is still in its infancy and whilst the results can inform decision-making, they do not dictate treatment approach.

Finally, our measure of success in treating pyroluria is not by looking at improvements in blood and other tests, but in how you answer the question “How Do You Feel?” Pyroluria is more about how you experience the condition – much more so than whatever the various relevant test results display.




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